What’s to eat Wednesday?

As I mentioned on Monday, we ate out a lot this weekend. I still managed to make some tasty food though…

Thursday we ate a modified caprese salad with ravioli. I used cheese tortellini with red onion, cherry tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, basil and spinach with a huge ball of burrata for each of us… Sadly it was a very pungent red onion, but it still was good.

Tortellini salad w/burrata

tortellini salad w/burrata

My plate of salad w/a big hunk of cheese

my plate of salad w/a big hunk of cheese

My go-to breakfast when I have a couple of extra minutes.

Steel-cut oats with blueberries and dried cranberries

steel-cut oats with blueberries & dried cranberries

This was a little pre-lunch snack inspired by a recipe in A Platter of Figs. Yes, sometimes I read cookbooks for fun and this was one of those days. Thank goodness because I had some ricotta and homemade bread to finish :)

Ricotta, tomatoes, & bread

ricotta, tomatoes, olive oil, vinegar & bread

Monday I documented making a smoothie so you can see how easy it is to add spinach (without the spinachy taste)

Berries & banana in the blender

strawberries & banana loaded

A full blender

a full blender

Spring colors

spring colors

Completely blended


Last minute addition - frozen berries

last minute addition

Tasty afternoon treat

smoothie treat

Then we had this really delicious bean salad with cheese and onion quesadillas. The bean salad was simple to make, although you do need some time to roast the tomatoes. It comes from the Super Natural Every Day cookbook. I would recommend getting it from the library – this is one that I’m going to buy for my kitchen library. Here’s a link to a six recipe sampler, which includes another recipe I want to try: black sesame otsu.  This bean salad is also lunch today!

Quesadilla & bean salad

quesadilla with bean salad

I finished off the biscuits leftover from brunch on Sunday (yes, besides amazing beignets, the restaurant also had homemade biscuits!)

biscuits, honey and jam

biscuits, butter, honey and jam

I had basil left from last week’s salad so I made pesto for sometime this week. I may make a pesto pizza (I better get pizza dough started!)

basil pesto

basil pesto

Something funny: C is always asking that I add corn to recipes. No matter what it is. The guy’s got a love for corn. I accepted that it enhanced chili, but cannot bring myself to add it to spaghetti. Until I came across a recipe for linguine with broccoli rabe, bacon and corn. I substituted spaghetti for linguine and rainbow chard for broccoli rabe, and veggie stock for chicken stock, but definitely kept the bacon and the corn. I think it was a hit, although I wish the corn was a bit more flavorful… I’ll definitely have to try this recipe in the summer with some fresh ears of corn.

dinner deconstructed and uncooked

dinner deconstructed {and uncooked}

And, yes, I did touch that raw bacon. I can’t say that I liked it, but for bacon, it’s worth it.

corn & spaghetti for my love

corn & spaghetti for my love, with bread fresh from the oven

{Almost} a week’s worth of meals. I’m thinking mac & cheese with cauliflower for dinner tonight, but I guess you’ll have to wait until next week to find out for sure. <3

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